For effective promotion of any product or service there are a number of marketing promotional tools that can be utilized in a promotion program. These should be applied carefully according to the given circumstances, because every promotional tool is suitable to certain circumstances. Following are the important types of marketing promotional tools that must be in your mind.

  • Advertising
  • Personal Selling
  • Sales Promotion
  • Public Relations
  • Direct Marketing

Ways of Marketing Promotional Tools

Advertising: The masses of customers dispersed geographically can be reached with the Promotional Tools of advertising, which can be repeated for a number of times. The popularity, size and success of the selling organization are enhanced by the large scale advertising. The customers consider the advertising products as most legitimate due to the public nature. Moreover, it’s the quickest way to promote a product to a large portion of diversified customers. Another important feature of advertising is that it is much more expressive in such a way that the selling organization dramatizes its products through by applying certain impressive print, sound, visuals and colors, etc.

On one hand advertising is very beneficial, but on the other hand it has some disadvantages too. The advertising cannot stimulate the customers directly, because it is impersonal. The advertising is based on one ways of communication, which means that the audience of the advertisement has not the option to give the feedback or response to the advertising messages. One of biggest drawback of advertisement is that it is much expensive. There are some types of advertising, like radio and newspaper advertising that can be utilized within range of smaller budgets, but the other kinds of advertising, like network television advertising, is not covered in smaller budgets, but in larger budgets.

Personal Selling: At certain stages of the buying process, personal selling is the most effective promotion tool in creating customer’s preferences, convictions and actions. In personal selling, personal interactions between two or more people take place that can allow both parties to understand the characteristics and needs of one another and take immediate adjustments. All types of relationships are also flourishing in personal selling like selling relationship of matter of fact & personal friendship etc. The sales persons have professional expertise by which they focus the interests of the customers and develop a healthy relationship over it. Moreover the customer also gives extra time and attention is listening to the offerings of sales persons even his final decision is no.

Personal selling is also faced with extra cost and effort in training sales persons to make them committed to the given tasks. The advertising can be altered by continuing and discontinuing it in certain conditions, but the size of the sales force is much harder to change in case of personal selling.

Sales Promotion: These Promotional tools include sales promotion which further contains a broad assortment of elements like

  • Coupons
  • Cent-off Deals
  • Premiums
  • Other Tools

The tools of sales promotion are applied to boost the sagging sales by attracting the customers and offerings of distinct incentives of purchase. A quick response is generated by using this promotion tool of sales promotion. If advertising is related to “buy our product” then sales promotion is the representation of “buy the product now”. In the short run, sales promotion can be regarded as an effective promotion tool, but in case of long run it is not favorable in developing long lasting customer relationships and brand preference just like advertising and personal selling do.

 Public Relations: Public relations are much different from the ads and they are more influential than these ads. Public relation consists of news stories, events and features that are considered as more real and therefore the readers also consider them more believe able. Many prospects avoid the advertisement and personal selling, but they can also be influenced by the public relations. The real message in the public relations is considered to be as “news” by the customers rather than as a sales centered communication. The product of an organization is also dramatized by the public relations. Public relations should not be used too much or it should be used as an afterthought. It is combined with the elements of the other promotional mix to use it in an effective and economical way.

  Direct Marketing:Direct marketing may take the following forms.

  • Telemarketing
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Direct Mail

There are four distinct characteristics that are shared in all of the above forms. The first characteristic is that the direct marketing, which is non-public in nature. It means that specific person is addressed in this form of promotion tool rather than focusing on the general public. Furthermore, direct marketing is customized and immediate, which means that the messages can be fitted to the specific requirements of the customers and they are developing very quickly. At last the direct marketing is interactive which means that customer and Marketing may show a dialogue with each other. The message in the direct marketing can be changed according to the response of the customer. In short direct marketing promotional tools is used as the most effective one in the case of developing one to one customer relationships and in the situation of highly targeted marketing efforts.