Collaborative Cohort

Groups of 10-16 entrepreneurs meet together for nine weeks, meeting one evening a week for three hours, led by a facilitator.

 Full Registration – $300 Installment Plan – $100/2 weeks for 6 weeks

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What is Covered
During CO.STARTERS, participants develop and fine-tune their ideas, critically examining every part and determining next steps through real-time feedback from people in the community. Over the nine weeks, we’ll cover the following topics.
Week 1: Knowing Yourself
  • Assumptions
  • Canvas
  • Working Styles
  • Team Building
  • Obstacles
Week 2: Knowing Your Customer
  • Customer
  • Problem
  • Alternatives
  • Solution
  • Benefit
  • Advantage
Week 3: Getting the Relationship Right
  • Marketing & Message
  • Getting, Keeping & Growing Customers
Week 4: Building the Model to Scale
  • Starting Small
  • Distribution
  • Revenue
  • Typical Sale
  • Price
Week 5: Strengthening Your Structure
  • Business Structures
  • Legal Considerations
Week 6: Discovering Your Bottom Line
  • Startup & Ongoing Needs
  • Fixed & Variable Costs
  • Breaking Even
Week 7: Accounting for Growth
  • Break-Even Point
  • Sales Projections
  • Cash Flow
  • Accounting
Week 8: Planning for the Future
  • Raising Capital
  • Growth Plans
  • Goal Setting
  • Pitch Prep
Week 9: Celebration Night/Sharing Your Story

Facilitator Feedback

Participant Feedback

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Facilitator Led

CO.STARTERS facilitators are experienced business owners from the community who guide participants through the program by asking the right questions, drawing on the knowledge in the room, and using available resources and connections in the community to point participants in the right direction.

Inspiring Stories

In addition to exploring different topics each week, guest speakers are also brought in weekly to enrich the conversation and help participants learn from the experience of others in the community.